Class Clown is a coming of age story about not coming of age. Set against the backdrop of the week that pop singer Kurt Cobain committed suicide, Nelson experiences public school for the first time. It's a story about finding your voice and allowing yourself to just be who you are instead of what you think others want. 

This is a film we are in preproduction on that's scheduled to go into production in March of 2023. This is a personal story that I've written and am also the cinematographer. I'm collaborating with the talented group of filmmakers below. 



Paul Cadenhead - DIRECTOR

Paul Cadenhead is a graduate of the American Film Institute’s directing

program and an independent writer/director who is committed to eccentric,

character-driven storytelling. Paul’s films often focus on themes of

masculinity, family dynamics and individualism – all lined with a thread of

dark humor. He is interested in discovering poignant human truths through a

satirical lens. Paul’s greatest artistic influence comes from the spirit of

Wyoming, where he was born and raised. Some of Paul’s previous work

includes the award-winning short films: The Cowboy Pecan Pie; The Marvin

Family Tortoise; Chekhov’s Gun; and A Picture of Friendship During the Dark




Xue 'Sophie' Hou - PRODUCER

Xue 'Sophie' Hou has a bachelor's degree in Journalism and is currently

studying in AFI's producing major. Before becoming a freelancer in New York,

she was a director and an editor at an American Chinese TV Station.

Afterward, she took a job as a Chinese Student Manager at the New York

Film Academy. Since 2013 Sophie has worked on many films, TV shows,

Music videos, commercials as a First Assistant Director, Line Producer, Art

Director, and Art Coordinator, etc. In 2017, she served as an Associate

Producer on the feature film CONFETTI, and this movie had just been

released in mainland China's movie theatre in December 2020.



Guangping 'Ben' Niu  - EDITOR

Guangping 'Ben' Niu is an independent film editor and a

graduate of the American Film Institute's editing

program. Ben has been an editor for seven years. He values the

special bond between footage and editors. He is

dedicated to discovering the emotional truths in each

project. For him, this is the foundation to support a

director's vision and the soul of a great film.

Some of his previous narrative works include three

award-winning short films: My Life Stopped at 15; Ashes;

and A Picture of Friendship During the Dark Ages.

Before Ben became an AFI fellow, he worked as a trailer

editor for four years in Beijing. He made many popular

trailers for many Chinese blockbusters, such as The

Wandering Earth, Kung Fu Yoga, The Guardian Brothers,

and Detective Chinatown.





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